Thursday, January 26, 2017

Travel Tips post script (by Carolyn)

Travel tips:

  1. Three, three and three. Long pants, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts. We threw in cold weather gear and a swim suit. Everything nylon or quick dry, like exoffico underwear and Eddie Bauer/REI shirts and pants. Check the weather for anticipated highs and lows to tweak the clothing. 
  2. Small 3 oz. container of liquid laundry soap.
  3. A couple of wire clothes hangers. You can hang clothes on the A/C or the air return and they dry in no time. 
  4. Wool socks are great, can be worn for a few days, but take forever to dry. Hotels in colder climates often have warming racks in the bathroom for towels and these are also great for drying clothes.
  5. Compression bags by Eagle Creek and packing pods by Blue Avocado. Unless you've got lots of cubbies built into your pack/suitcase, these keep things organized.
  6. Ziplock baggies - take a variety of sizes. You can pack a lot of lunches to go.
  7. Freeze some bottled water when possible to use as ice packs in the food cooler. Drink a little bit first so the bottle won't bulge.
  8. Don't bring a reusable water bottle. You're going to be drinking bottled water anyway. Do bring an insulated thermos (s'well or yeti) to use for hot drinks.
  9. If there's an electric tea kettle in your room, you can boil tap water, let it cool and refill water bottles.
  10. Download maps from google or CityMaps2go when you're in wireless. You can then access them on the go when you're away from wireless.
  11. Keep your phone on airplane mode to conserve battery.
  12. Make sure you take along some CIPRO. One in four travelers will get "traveler's tummy" and CIPRO will fix it. (once you stop throwing up.)
  13. People who use iPhones can use AirDrop to share photos. You don't need cellular data or wifi - just switch it on and Bluetooth allows you to share photos, so you avoid the "take the same picture with a bunch of different cameras" problem.