Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 23-25: Sprinting Home (by Carolyn)

January 23-25
Sprinting Home

This trip around the world has been markedly different than our first trip. In 2015, we would fly one day, and spend three days on the ground, fly one day, spend three on the ground. This trip has been fly three days, spend a week on the least for me and Becky. The pilots had the additional flying over Africa for the eastern way-point, and over Antarctica for the southern way-point. 

We left Santiago for Lima on January 23. Lima is one of the driest capital cities in the world. It never rains, never snows, but is always cloudy. Our five mile van ride to the historic district took over an hour, but our "guide" explained the highlights in Spanish and Giuseppe translated. Ten million people live here and I think they were all in cabs or cars today. The historical district is gradually being refurbished to clean and repair classic Spanish colonial architecture, squares, and fountains. They have a long way to go. 

But, we had a good English language tour of the old Monastery of San Francisco including the catacombs which is always interesting. Things we didn't see: The Nazca Lines.

January 24 -
Up early to fly to Costa Rica and grab our LAST waypoint, crossing the equator just off the coast of Ecuador. We saw snow covered mountains peaking through dense clouds looking strangely similar to the Antarctic landscape. 

The Costa Rica landscape is lush and green, with yellow blooming Tabebuia trees (??) and blue sky. Another airport hotel - and the first one where they searched our bags for drugs!! We were more concerned that our chocolate from Argentina would melt in the Costa Rican sun.

Time for catching up on email and wishing for more time in this clean and comfortable country. But, we are like cattle to the barn and tomorrow we'll be home.