Monday, January 2, 2017

Here we go again! (by Caroyln)

January 2

Austin was dark and stormy at 4:30am, in contrast to the brilliantly colorful weather radar...

So, the good pilots waited and rerouted and we were wheels up on the way to Portland, Maine by 7:30.

Inflight breakfast was served and enjoyed by passengers and crew.

Once in Portland, we grabbed Becky, refueled, and visited the "necessary room" before heading to St. John's, Newfoundland.

St. John's isn't particularly busy this time of year...the FBO said we were the first flight they'd had in a week.

Beautiful, but very snowy, we had a wine and dinner at "Milestones" and comfortable accommodations at the airport Holiday Inn.

January 3

It didn't snow overnight but the winds managed to blow snow and ice onto the wings, so N575PC was de-iced before departing at 10:30.

And, just in case several thousands of dollars worth of avionics on the flight deck fail, we have a backup map. "You are here!"

It was a smooth flight and Captain Jack nailed a crosswind landing, crabbing into Santa Maria, Azores, before another storm let loose.

Jack will get caught up with his flying blog entries in the next few days. Headed for Cape Verde tomorrow (January 4) and then we will take a break from flying there for a few days.